Save Energy Every Day

Have you ever wondered just how to reduce your Electric Bill or do you wonder just how much your Air conditioner cost? we have a solution! It's The Energy Detective, this device connects to your main electric service and reads your power usage just like the power company. It reports to you 24hrs a day so you can control your power consumption.

The Energy detective provides real time information about your power consumption through a simple desk top monitor, Smart Phone, or a web browser. The Energy Detective can monitor up to five individual appliances like your Air Conditioner so you know how much your heating and cooling are costing you minute by minute.

The Energy Detective allows you to see how much power you have used and what your electric bill will be at the end of the month.

When the power goes out and your Generac Home Stand by generator goes on, The Energy Detective is still at work letting you know how close to fully loading your generator your are. You may be able to use a smaller generator, burn less fuel, and reduce your initial investment. Because you will always know how much power your generator is producing!

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