Customer Testimonials

Just like proposed

Your people do great work! Efficient, knowledgable, and prompt. Thanks for all the help!

-Steve L, Little Rock

Slept like a baby

Our power went off last night. We sat there for a second and generator came on. I was able to fall asleep to the hum on the generator. It was very nice.

-Sylvia, Benton, AR


The other night a transformer blew in our neighborhood. Our generator worked like "magic". The power was out for 2 1/2 hours in our area. My husband and I just looked at each other and smiled.... Magic. I have told everyone in town about you guys and how you have treated us so kindly. I also like the $50.00 we will get back for referring our friends. Thank you so much.

-Doris, Gillette AR

Today's install

The generator was installed this day. I was pleased with how the men made sure I knew how it worked and what to do. They were polite and answered all my husband's questions as well. Thank you......

-Nancy, Benton, AR


Please put me on your list for maintenance. PS Your boys did a good job. Very happy !!

-Richard, Lowell AR

Need additional service (updated)

I've had a chance to recharge my Leaf after your electrician's installed the 220v charging dock. It works exactly as it should and looks great in our garage. Your employees were professional, courteous and did neat work. Thank you very much for again serving us so well. Randy

-Randy, Little Rock Ar

Need additional service

Hi, Greg Your company installed our Genarac whole-house generator in West Little Rock over a year ago. We're well satisfied. Recently, we ordered a Nissan Leaf, an all-electric vehicle. The car will be able to re-charge its batteries at our home. A charging cable and adaptor that come with the car allow the batteries to be recharged using regular house current. It is the slowest way to recharge but we are ordering a faster charging option which will require a dedicated 240 volt service. We hope that you will be willing to run the electrical service we need and install the charging dock for us. Thank you. Randy Little Rock

-Randy, Little Rock AR

Time and Effort

Thank you for all the time you put into dealing with us and Lowe's. It has been greatly appreciated. I will keep passing the word around about your company. Have a great day, be talking to you soon.

-Kim, Conway AR

My generators down side

Hello, The only downside of the generator so far is the fact that my husband has to demonstrate it for everyone who visits. Consequently, all my clocks are blinking at me in protest.

-Sandy, Jacksonville AR